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Asbury Park Roastery, a small coffee roasting company, coffee bar, and boardwalk cafe, wanted to update their branding for their 10 year anniversary – logo, e-commerce website, and marketing materials. As the brand grew, we were contracted to redesign the interior and exterior boardwalk cafe location.

B2C continues to work closely with the owner to ensure brand standards reflect the desired esthetic. From logo design, website development, to establishing the boardwalk cafe as a go-to destination, we’ve designed new signage, curated visual merchandising, developed branded products, sourced customized cafe tables and bar stools, and created seasonal tabletop decor. Asbury Park Roastery continues to expand and has become one of the communities most recognizable brands. (photos – Mike Rivera)

Asbury Park Roastery
asbury Park Roastery Convention Hall
asbury Park Roastery Website
Asbury Park Roastery Logo